EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

I am Certified and an Approved Consultant offering both EMDR for Clients and EMDR Consultation for professionals.

Individual EMDR Therapy


EMDR offers a way of assessing and treating disturbing past memories that continue to create distress a person’s current-day life. This distress can be pervasive in every area of life or perhaps isolated to specific events, people or places. Through briefly visualizing and triggering the memory while adding bilateral sensory stimulation, these memories can be processed and integrated into new and healthy memory networks. When this is accomplished, people often report cessation of negative symptoms they had been experiencing anywhere from weeks to years.

Understanding trauma through a new lens can often times create instant relief as people begin to realize they have options for relieving the stress and recovering from trauma. By creating an environment where one’s system feels safe, we can work with the whole self, meaning body, heart and mind, to restore a sense of balance and calm.

In the treatment of trauma, I attribute my effectiveness to the incredible power of the therapies I have studied and practiced. I appreciate the thorough, holistic and biologically driven nature of both EMDR and TRE as well as the depth of attention attainable through my personal Mindfulness practice.

My priority is to develop a relationship and the foundation of genuine trust and comfort. I want to listen and understand the changes desired and then access my “tool box” to best offer guidance toward meeting the stated goals. I believe in a systems approach as we are complex beings so one type of therapy does not work for everyone. Though I focus primarily on EMDR and TRE, I draw from many different trainings methodologies including Ego State Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness and approaches for treating complex attachment trauma and dissociation.

Consultation for Professionals

As an Approved Consultant I offer both individual and group consultation for those seeks hours for either Basic Training or those seeking Certification in EMDR. I am also a Training Facilitator for Dr. Phil Manfield Part I and Part II EMDR Trainings. Consultation is available in person, over the phone or via Skype. Please Contact me for current rates and to set up a consult as an invidividual, dyad or group. Upcoming trainings are posted on the events page.

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